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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 14, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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with us tonight. i want to talk to you abou gretawire. it's someplace you should go. not because of necessarily what i post, but it's a community where people watch the show go and talk. gretawire. good night from washington.ñxf0 see you tomorrow night. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> on 9/11, as commander and chief, did you issue any orders to try to protect their lives? >> shepard: in his first presidential press conference since last march, mr. obama was finally asked about libya and he faced embarrassing questions about david petraeus. >> you can assure the american people that there have been no breaches of national security in the scandal involving generals petraeus and allen? >> bill: we'll analyze the presidential press conference today and what it means to you. >> i'm an honorary consul general so i have volumability. >> now it seems one of the women involved in the general petraeus sex candle may be a
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loon. we will have the latest on this story. >> miller will react to the press conference. and miller still have chick-fil-a on his mind. >> they say general tsou's chicken and i say i don't think so. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the presidential press conference, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. mostly a waste of time. as mr. obama did what he always does, provided long-winded answers to general questions. the first question from the white house press corps should have been very simple. exactly when were you told about general petraeus, mr. president? and why was this kept secret until after the election? simple. that's the kind of question that allows no wiggle room.
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instead, an associated press guy asked an opinion question rather than a fact question. allowing the president to dance. >> do you think that you, as commander and chief, and the american people should have been told that the cia chief was under investigation before the election? >> obviously, there is an ongoing investigation. i don't want to comment on the specifics of the investigation. the fbi has its own protocols in terms of how they proceed. and, you know, i'm going to let director muller and others examine those protocols and make some statements to the public generally. i do want to emphasize what i have said before, general petraeus had an extraordinary career. he served this country with great distinction in iraq, in afghanistan, and as head of the cia. by his own assessment, he did not meet the standards that he
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felt were necessary as the director of cia, with respect to this personal matter that he is now dealing with with his family and with his wife. and it's on that basis that he tendered his resignation and it's on that waives that -- bass that i accepted it. >> bill: i ran that long just to give you a flavor of what we had to sit through. when did you know about petraeus, mr. president? that doesn't impede on any investigation. it doesn't harm anybody. all it is is you telling the folks what happened. to you. to you. when did you know? with that answer we learned nothing, zero. the president falling back on the investigation, just like he has on the libyan situation. everything is under investigation. he can't possibly comment. the only journalists who remotely challenged that stonewall was fox news white
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house correspondent ed henry who asked this about libya: >> i wanted to ask about the families of these four americans who were killed sean smith's father ray says he believes his son basically called 911 for help and they didn't get it i know you say you grieve for these four americans, that it's being investigated but the families have been waiting for more than two months. so, i would like for you to address the families if you can on 9/11 as commander and chief, did you issue any orders to try to protect their lives? >> ed, you know, i will address the families not through the press. i will address the families directly as i already have and we will provide all the information that is available about what happened on that day. that's what the investigation is for. but as i said, repeatedly, if people don't think that we did everything we can to make sure
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that we saved the lives of folks who i sent there and who were carrying out missions on behalf of the united states, then you don't know how our defense department thinks or our state department thinks or our cia thinks. their number one priority obvious solid to protect american lives. >> bill: american lives were obviously not protected. after two months we still don't know why. the only thing and i mean the only thing the president would clarify was this: >> i can tell you that immediately upon finding out that our folks were in danger that my orders to my national security team were do whatever we need to do to make sure they are safe. and that's the same order that i would give any time that i see americas are in danger whether they are civilian or military because that's our number one priority. >> bill: but that doesn't ring true. if the president gave orders the american ambassador and the other americans should be
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helped, why weren't those orders obeyed? remember, no help arrived. so who exactly is responsible here? the president won't say because it's all under investigation and believe me, that investigation will be a long and winding road to, quote, paul mccartney. the rest of the press srches can business as usual. allowing the president to roam at well. ask about immigration reform and the latino vote. mr. obama answered that he appreciated all the latinos voting for him 71%. is he confident he can get immigration reform done. just like he was four years ago. the "new york times" asked the president about global warming. he said he is going to do everything he can to cool down this planet because our kids and grand kids deserve it or something. cbs news asked him if he would confer with mitt romney over some issues. the president said he might if
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he could find the time. now, if i'm the governor, i'm not changing any plans waiting for that call. in short, this was a very relaxed press conference because happy days are are indeed here again. >> christie parson. hey. >> thank you, mr. president. and congratulations, by the way. >> thanks. christie there in -- when i was running for state senate. >> that's right, i was. >> christie and i go back a ways. >> i have never seen you lose. >> bill: talking points pretty much has seen it all on the journalism front as i told you last night. the press in america sadly is in terrible shape. i don't understand why the president doesn't do these press srcheses all the time. he completely controls the room. only henry had him stammering. you know what i really think? i think barack obama doesn't respect the national press corps because he knows they love him. he uses them. but he doesn't think much of
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him. i could be wrong. summing up, i learned nothing from today's press conference. and it was kind of dull to boot. not a great way to spend an hour in america. that's the memo. next on the run down, reaction from powers, miller and our pentagon correspondent jennifer griffin. the factor will be right back.
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>> bill: first presidential news conference since last march. a republic strategist and kirsten powers, a democrat and fox news contributor. kristen and kirsten, sounds like aba is being introduced on the program. all right, powers. basically a waste of time, right? >> well, it wasn't a waste of time because there was one thing that the president said that added, i think, to the libya story when he was talking about susan rice and
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he basically was really offended that anybody would criticize susan rice for her statements that she made on the sunday shows and he said, you know, why is she being cite sized she went on these shows she knew nothing about benghazi. >> bill: why did she go on the shows then. >> right. exactly which raises the question. >> bill: let me set it up in case people didn't see it okay. >> bill: senator mccain and lindsey graham of south carolina are threatening to block the nomination of susan rice if the president wants her to be secretary of state which i don't think is going to harassment i don't know why he wants that. >> right. >> bill: the president got mad and said ambassador rice is a great american and if you are going to blame anyone blame me but you can't blame me because it's all under investigation and the investigation clear me when we get around to telling you about it which will probably be in 13 years. >> he did kind of the same thing in that republic presidential debate. instead of susan rice it was hillary clinton. the week leading up to that there had been all of this sort of different stories coming out between the white house and the state
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department. the white house saying well, you know, requests about diplomatic security don't really go through us. that's more through the state department. and then there was tension there and then when obama was asked about it, you know, do you stand with secretary clinton you know yeah the buck stops with me. every time you go into the details it always goes that would have been handled by the intelligence community. that's under investigation. it never -- exactly. >> bill: it's all under investigation. but here is -- i'm saying this with all due respect how big a fraud this is. if i'm in the washington press corps you know this press conference is a lot different than that because i basically say, mr. president, i'm a simple man, you know, i always start it with that to be humble. when did you know about -- president, when did you know about cia cia director petraeus' situation. what day? what hour did you know? if he dose it's under investigation i can't tell you. i go oh phooey phooey. that doesn't impede on any investigation. it's a question between bill and barack?
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when did you know? what day? could you tell us that? and then what is he going to do then? oh, ---then he looks foolish if he doesn't say. he says well, i learned on thursday after the election. two days later. i say oh, that's interesting, thursday after the election. did any of your crew know before then? and if so, why didn't they tell you? oh, these -- this is how in journalism school when i went there in boston university that's how you ask a question. it's gone. that's why it's a total waste of time, kristen, am i wrong. >> i do think he was pushed a little harder than you are giving some of those journalists credit for. he was asked question about questions tall crif in the past, president obama, you caved to republicans in 2010 fiscal cliff when it came to the tax rates because you said we can't let the rates go up because it will hurt the economy.
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why should republicans in congress believe you are not going to cave now? >> bill: with all due respect to you, because that's not a bad point. it's such an easy dodge. he took 8 minutes to dodge it. >> he took a long time to dodge these things. >> bill: oh, well, you know, i had to do it back then because, you know, we had a bad economy. but now the mandate the folks want this and that. i'm not going to do it and i'm the greatest guy. you just don't get any information. >> you know follow up. economy so much better now that we now can afford the economic. >> bill: did you hear that follow up question, kristen? >> you didn't hear it because it wasn't asked. >> i would love to hear more follow-up that format didn't allow for it. >> bill: living and experiencing are two different things. all right? what we experienced as americans, all of us today, was one hour of nothingness, vast nothingness. now, powers convinced me i'm wrong. i'm ready to believe you. >> no. i mean, you are not wrong in
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terms the reporters. i think we did get some information that moved the story a little bit on benghazi but not because the reporters are doing a great job. you are hitting the exactly what the problem is that they don't do follow-up questions. and they need to actually, rather than having their little questions that they are ready to ask. they need to be able to act on their feet. so when the president says things like why are you picking on susan rice? do you think she san easy targets? you know, she didn't know anything about benghazi. the next person needs to set aside whatever question they had and say mr. president, i'm sorry why did you put her out there? if she didn't know anything, why did. >> bill: it doesn't happen. i was quite impressed with the global warming question. thats with a tough one. oh. oh. am i being too cynical here. >> i thought it was interesting obama pushed back too far to the left where he said i don't think that you can definitive can i say that hurricane sandy was definitely
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caused by global climate change. he pushed back on that one. i would have loved more questions about so what exactly do you propose to fix the entitlements that are going to bankrupt the country? i mean, these are the real problems that we are facing and got really no new information. >> bill: if you ask the president what he is going to cut, is he going to say all together it's under investigation. we are investigating every possible cut. you know, we'll tell you, eventually what's going to happen. ladies thank you very much. latest on petraeus sex scandal. things are getting weirder if you can believe it then, dennis miller has some thoughts on the president's thoughts on the president's presentation today as having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight as we discuss
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president obama having to deal with the resignation of a cia chief david petraeus. to there are two women involved, one paula broadwell who is petraeus mistress and the other jill kelley who accused ms. broadwell of threatening her. well now it seems ms. kelley has some problems of her own. >> this is joe kelley. i have a guy who is in by back yard and he is not leaving. if you could send somebody out. >> who is this guy do you know? >> i don't know who he is i'm honor consul general i have involiability. i don't know if they should be able to cross my property. i don't know if you want to get indictment i can protection involved as well lvet but now because that's against the law to cross my property because this is now, like, you know, it's inviolable. >> no arrest. ms. kelly doesn't have any diplomatic immunity. south korea might have given her some kind of honorary title but it means nothing. joining us from the pentagon
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where all hell is leaking loose fox news correspondent jennifer griffin. i want to take it simple for people who are kind of confused. i have to admit that i am one of those people. you have a situation where the fbi, let's start with the fbi. they going into ms. broadwell, what's her name again? >> paula broadwell's. >> paula broadwell's house and taking out boxes of stuff. now there san accusation that she may have had national security stuff in there? what's that all about. >> remember, she a reservist with military intelligence. she lt. colonel. it's not clear whether she was activated. but she did have a clearance at one point. so, supposedly, she took classified documents. she took them from government facilities but she wasn't allowed to have them in her house. so they are looking at whether or not national security breaches. david petraeus was not responsible for giving her those documents.
11:23 pm
kelley and petraeus at this point is just a personal matter an embarrassing personal matter, that's all. no other national security implications. >> between broadwell, yeah. between paula broadwell and david petraeus, it's an affair, there are questions whether she could be charged under the uniform code of military justice if she was activated in her military status lt. colonel. >> bill: nothing more than a personal deal that they will have, to petraeus and broadwell will have to be held to account by the military. that's it. >> correct. >> bill: so far that's all we know. now we go over to the kelly woman who dropped the dime on broadwell said to the fbi hey this woman is sending me emails that i consider threatening, now we find out from the tampa police department that this woman kind of out there, right? >> just remember she didn't know who was sending her these threatening emails when this
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whole thing started. she is friends with the petraeus. she spent christmas with the petraeus. she went shopping with holly petraeus. she has been a long-time friend. she started this by telling her friend, who was an fbi agent. that she was getting threatening emails. he took it upon himself to start an investigation. and then it turns out he got obsessed with her. started sending her shirtless pictures of himself and taken off the case. at that point the fbi was involved and they started connecting the dots and they realized that those threatening emails came from dummy accounts set up by paula broadwell and they traced it back to her and in the process of looking at paula broadwell's email accounts they found petraeus. this is an unraveling -- >> bill: the general in charge of afghanistan is also emailing kelley, who is very busy now, getting shirtless things from the fbi agent and getting stuff from afghanistan that is flirty. i mean, and she has got somebody in her backyard. she is really busy woman this
11:25 pm
kelley. >> she is. and she had -- she had a special relationship. she was cultivating these four star generals down at centcom. we have just learned that she has had her base pass removed in the last few days because she is seen as a little bit unstable. but, she has been collecting these generals for quite some time. >> bill: okay. all right. now, let's pivot into something that's a lot more important although the petraeus resignation is tragedy for the country. when you are listening to the president at the press conference today, talking about libya, and then basically doing the same rope-a-dope, i can't say anything because of the investigation. what goes through your mind? what immediately struck me was that he said at one point now that the election is over, we can get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi. it's not clear what it had to do with an election or why we couldn't get to the bottom of this nine weeks ago or why
11:26 pm
this is the first press conference we have had where is he taking questions on benghazi when four americans have been killed. the other thing he said that struck me was that the -- that the military cia and state department responded immediately that he immediately gave oordz for them to do whatever it needed to to protect these americans there. now, what's interesting and what got lost in the whole petraeus affair last friday is that the pentagon finally after eight weeks of us asking, put out their military time line of how they responded in those initial minutes and hours. and what struck us is that for 50 minutes, 5-ominutes on an tuesday afternoon of september 11th when defense secretary panetta was probably here in the building and general dempsey the chairman of the joint chiefs were here they were not told about what was happening at the state department for 50 minutes. and then it took the military another 20 hours to send special operators to the base.
11:27 pm
they never made it to libya. 20 hours. >> bill: looks like the state department, again, is the one that didn't do what they was supposed to do. but, again, the president is not going to offer anything. until they -- look, what they want to do is set it up. if they need a straw man to blame it on, they will find one. that's what they're doing now. jennifer, keep us posted. we appreciate it very much. plenty more aheads the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller will have thoughts on the press conference today. there is a new chick-fil-a story he wants to mention. upcoming, the man who provides the voice of elmo accused of a heinous crime but it didn't happen. juliet huddy on the case and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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impact segment tonight. as you may know president obama largely won the election because hispanic american voters broke big for him by a whopping 71%. however, many republicans believe hispanics are not, not a liberal voling block.
11:31 pm
-- voting block. >> hispanics are in the inherently liberal. hispanics, you know, tight family, they have they're religious catholic, socially conservative, especially on brgs. these are a national constituency. they are a striving immigrant group and that is a natural conservative constituency. >> bill: joining us from washington to react is the democratic congressman luis gutierrez. so what do you think about charles' analysis that hispanic american voting block, obviously talking generally here could be persuaded to come into the republic party? what do you think about that? >> i think if you make -- charles makes an argument that has some truth to it. there are 52 million latinos in the united states. it's a little broader. i think you are reducing it to -- that they are more republic party. when they begin the conversation, they begin the conversation with self-deportation. they begin the conversation by
11:32 pm
embracing governor brewer of arizona and 1070. or they go to iowa and say well, you know, we control livestock with victoria's elect. maybe that's the way we should control immigrants on the border. when you begin a conversation like that, you don't hear very much else. >> okay. i thought that mitt romney's' statement during the primaries that the self-deportation is he wanted to do hurt him and i think you agree. that got a lot of currency in hispanic communities. it wasn't explained what that was all about. but here is something that i'm not sure about. do you think that most hispanic americans born in the u.s.a., not immigrants recent immigrants, born here, all right? want immigration controls? do they want to stop the mass influx across the southern border? do they want to stop it? >> first of all, as you and i have discussed before, we know
11:33 pm
that four out of every 10 undocumented immigrants don't cross that border. they come legally to the united states. and there are others that come through other avenues. so i think what the ones that are -- those of us like me that were born here in this country, i think what happens is that we see the other -- our fellow latinos as our cousins, brothers, grandparents, and so we see them as part of an extended family. i think what is simplistic about this is to try to make this clear distinction between latinos born in the united states and those who arrived from latin american countries. it just doesn't work that way. so what we have is, we have, for example, 4 million american citizen children, papers don't have papers. we have hundreds of thousands of american citizens, husbands, whose wives don't have papers. and, in other words, it's a very mixed community. >> bill: the reason i bring this up is, there is never going to be an acceptance of
11:34 pm
the republic party by hispanics who want open immigration, everybody comes. all right? because the republic party is never going to do that. >> but that's not -- okay. but you and i, bill, you and i both know i can come over to new york, we can have lunch and given our previous conversations, and statements that you have made about immigration policy, we can figure this out. restore our borders. >> bill: you definitely can do it. >> without opening them up. >> bill: i want to know if most hispanic americans are going to support it what's it's going to entail is a very strict border. they are going to have to have can't come here unless you go through the process. the people already here, i agree with you. that can be dealt with. but you cannot have a lenient like border. i don't know if most americans are going to support that. >> no. they won't. america won't support that that cannot be the foundation upon which we fix our broken immigration system.
11:35 pm
the foundation upon which we fix our immigration system is exactly what you alouded to. it's finding a way. listen,. >> what about stopping future immigration? that's the key. >> i think it is critical and essential. and so when i, with -- in 2004, introduced comprehensive immigration reform. remember kennedy and mccain, the first 600 of 800 pages was enforcement and securing the border. you cannot -- >> bill: the president promised it would today but he promised it four years ago and it didn't happen. if that guess in the republic party is going to be in a better place to try to persuade some hispanics. remember, 45% of hispanic americans voted for president bush. >> and you want to know something? if the same number of hispanics voted for romney, had voted -- that voted for mccain had voted for romney, we might be having a different conversation. the fact is i have many
11:36 pm
republic colleagues, good men and women because we have good americans on both sides of the aisle. you know what they have been telling me they say luis, let's take this off the table once and for all or or you are going to run the tables on us. we understand that you know what? whether you are doing it for political purposes so that your party can have a future or you are doing it as i and others because it makes america a better more decent place to live, let's get it done. >> bill: let's get it done. i'm with you. i don't think the mccain thing. mccain got -- obama got 67%. latino only 4 points up with romney. i don't think that would have done it. if they could have gotten it to 60/40 then mitt romney would have been president. congressman, always a pleasure. >> absolutely bush did it. >> bill: when we come right back, it will be miller time. the president's press conference. can traditional america come back? chick-fil-a update. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, let's get right to the sage of southern california, joins us now from santa barbara. so, miller, presidential press conference, i know that was a huge event for you, correct? >> first off, who was the guy right before me? was that congressman f. murray abraham or who was that talking about immigration? >> bill: louis gutierrez illinois. >> they had the sound down down here he looked angry. you must have said can we check people in at the border? did that get him riled up? >> bill: the congressman is a very good guy. we agree on most the stuff. >> the best. listen, i didn't watch the press conference because i wanted to see a crowd that was less fawning so i watched the justin bieber concert over on nick teens, -- tunes.
11:41 pm
>> they were pretty accommodating to the president today. our guy ed henry is the best. henry gave him a little jazz. that was it everybody else was -- look how well turned out they are, miller. look how well scrubbed they are. >> the ones who aren't wearing red are red faced about embarrassment about how they rolled for this guy. ed henry is about to be gang audited. i get it i'm sort of shrugging too. i feel like deep throat in the parking garage talking about obama. you will get nothing from me on hold man. if this country is going to peter selders the mouse that roared and dive to the bottom i'm not going to be the one turning out the lights. i get it i will get my mind right because i'm not going to buddy breathe with john boehner. you never know when he goes from lee marvin to tammy and starts sobbing openly. i'm not going to be the last guy stuck with this. i get it the country has changed. i'm all reporting for duty,
11:42 pm
sir. >> bill: so now you are going to tell me that you, dennis miller, are now giving up and are going to get in lock step with the secular progressives? >> have you ever seen the movie invasion of the body snatchers. go dead eye so they don't get hassled? that's me, man. [ laughter ] i got my -- i got my own thoughts when i'm out on the sidewalk dodging the sea pods. you are going to see this look. all right? that's exactly what you are going to see. billy, you think is a glitch. i think is a sea change. i don't think this comes back during my lifetime. i do think it comes back in the same way an alcoholic who has a brush with mortality will eventually come back. somebody will have a stroke or somebody will almost croak from alcohol will poisoning fiscally but maybe then we pull it back. this thing is not edging back. the inmates are now subletting the asylum. >> bill: it's going to take people to wake people up. the market down another 200
11:43 pm
points today almost. you are seeing the guys who control the currency the big boys sending a signal that they are not confident that this is going to be working out for the next four years. so that's why i say i wouldn't, you know, throw the old proverbial baby out with the baath water. i understand the pod reference and i will practice my glassy eye look like this. i will practice i may need it. traditional forces are going to gather and they are going to come back. >> not for along time. these are the times that try men souls that fail to test their mettle. that dow jones going down. this thing isn't going to fix itself until a check doesn't go out to somebody. and then this country is going to make greece look like the triple a pocket tuck team because over there when they throw a molotov cocktail they throw like kids raised in a soccer country. our kids know how to kick the cut off. when they get cut off. >> bill: i was in the l.a.
11:44 pm
riots right in the middle of them and i saw what can happen in america when things get out of control. firsthand up close and personal. all right now chick-fil-a, have you been following this story and on -- it's associated with the gay marriage situation which is all going the way that the gays want it to go at this point. but what's going on with chick-fil-a? >> once again, i'm going to fain some intelligence on this but i could care less. if i want to go out for lunch and munch a piece of clubber i have got to wonder if the guy in the front office is a breast man or a wing man. i'm not going to do it. i'm not going to play the game where i have to worry about indians calling victoria secret and asking them for an apology because a chick in a head dress came out in a bikini and all they saw was the head dress. that's where america wants to go, fine. i'm still watching victoria
11:45 pm
secret shows for bikinis or lingerie to buy my wife. and if we have gone from calling golden hair general custer to candace swan pool then the whole country is lost at this point. >> bill: how do you explain this? in a recent survey chick-fil-a was voted america's number one chicken chain. >> it tastes good. >> bill: oh. [ laughter ] anybody remember eating chicken because it tasted good? what happened? >> i don't know. remaining ones for me. logo old plantation owner nobody is down on that. what the hell happened? >> bill: come on, the colonel, how was he harvesting? >> next to gutierrez, the colonel is the greatest guy who ever lived. >> dennis miller, everybody.
11:46 pm
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>> bill: back of the book
11:50 pm
segment tonight, did you see that we begin with paula broadwell who i mispronounced earlier in the program. she is of course the mistress of david petraeus or was. last february, ms. broadwell was interviewed on a web site about the general. >> when i realized the opportunity i had to tell this message to present this portrait of strategic leadership, you know, it's not a -- biography i'm not in love with david petraeus. role model for executives, men and women. there is a great role model there who is values oriented, who speaks the truth to power. >> bill: so what about the fireplace behind? >> very romantic. talk about hagueography. >> did that guy actually say anything? >> he did actually -- like the real housewives of afghanistan. it's so crazy. jill kelley and her sister natalie the twin and then this one. so this guy is arthur cade. he does a celebrity web site. he basically asked her what was petraeus' reaction to the book. why she gets into saying what
11:51 pm
she just said. >> bill: she wrote a book about the general and that's why she met him and had access to him. she is promoting the book with this guy on the web site. >> a book roundly criticized by some, jon stewart, for instance, for being a linization of him. that's why she said hagueography study of saints. i'm not in love with him. interesting. nobody asked her if she was in love with him. perhaps guilty conscious. >> bill: you like this story. >> i'm fascinated by this story. i like the tampa woman, jill kelley. she fascinates me. >> bill: called 911 and commanded that the guy. >> ambassador, think she's is an ambassador. this is a very strake little thing. this woman, she is, you know, tampa is the hot bed of social activity but i guess she is the queen bedown there. it's fun to watch. >> bill: shear is a serious story. we did not report this story when it first happened because didn't really add up. there is a guy named kevin clash. he works for pbs. he is the voice of elmo.
11:52 pm
he was accused of a very terrible thing. here is an interview with the guy, go. >> sesame street. elmo's friends around the world. we're on the road all the time. [sigh] >> why you work elmo so hard, mr. kevin. >> elmo we love what we're are doing. this is the best job that i could ever dream of. i mean, it's been phenomenal. it's been amazing to be able to be on a show that teaches some kids around the world and one thing that i love is being able to go out to hospitals and meet and greet kids with their favorite friend and i mean i have been very, very blessed with this little red monster. >> bill: unfortunately somebody accused him, right? >> a 23-year-old accused him of having -- they had an affair. this 23-year-old says when the 23-year-old was 16. since this came out on sunday, the 23-year-old has since recanted according to his
11:53 pm
lawyers. the sexual relationship with mr. clash was an adult consensual relationship. i'm hearing now that tmz is reporting that tmz, the celebrity gossip web site is reporting that there are both sides are having some sort of settlement talks. but it's not a six figure settlement talk. it's not clear is it a settlement talk. >> bill: who is paying who? the guy slandered this guy clash in a terrible way. the problem with these stories, ladies and gentlemen, you know, this huddy, is that when anything happens, it's all already over the web site and the world. just the accusation is what stays in people's minds. >> it's a cloud going to be hanging over this man forever. >> bill: this man has to go through. this nobody knows what happened. if the guy did something is like that criminally charged. no statute of limitations on the thing. >> if he would have gone to the police he could be criminally charged for lying to police. he went to the sesame street and workshop. >> bill: he tried to extort money from them. >> in my opinion that's. >> bill: this poor guy clash i don't know what happened that's why we didn't report it
11:54 pm
because i'm getting tired of this kind of stuff because you could smear anybody you want in the world on the internet. nobody can stop it it's just way out of control. anyway, if anything develops on this that's important we will let you know. otherwise, we will drop it. okay? you can continue watching the petraeus situation. >> you know, i feel badly for the wives and husbands. >> bill: i feel bad for the country. the guys. >> i left that part out, i agree with you. >> bill: that's ohio feel sorry for. tip of the day. outrange just situation on the cbs morning program. the tip 60 seconds away. where others fail, droid powers through.
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>> it's difficult. >> i only have a one-hour program, that would take maybe five hours a day to do that. >> interesting situation. web sites are feeding propaganda to mainstream people who are broadcasting it as fact. and editors are now promoting liberalism thimz and it's passed on to you. >> no. i only analyze so-called journalism. talk radio is entertainment.
11:57 pm
>> then you are unfair person, carol. simple as that. i clearly laid out what the secular progressive media and politicians were doing all throughout the campaign. i wrote an entire book on the subject, "culture warrior." >> you know, i am going to send you a signed copy because you volunteered on election day, karen. thank you. please, remember, if you become a bill o'reilly dot-com premium member, you get the choice of my books, free. [chuckles] >> well, if you can service luxury cars, tom, you will have no trouble flying from philly to the turks. not that expensive.
11:58 pm
>> well, i do that, gail, because i'm a christian. i don't suggest religious activities to others out of respect for their individual beliefs. i think that's fair. finally tonight, the factor tip of the day. as we told you in last night's talking points memo, you can't believe much in the media these days. it is just way out of control. the other day on cbs morning, far-left director oliver stone said this about china. >> they have one foreign base. we have 800-plus bases. china has never -- has not a history of aggression. >> china has not a history of aggression. and then they went on to another topic. they just stood there. all right. china has not had a history of aggression. that might come as a shock to the daehlie lam athe taiwanese
11:59 pm
and the mongolians and the millions of dead people -- millions of dead people executed on the chinese mainland by their own government. here's the tip of the day. i almost lost track -- so outrageous. you know -- okay. here's the tip of the day, be very skeptical when watching any news program in america. any one. even this one. be skeptical or you will be mis led and i don't want that to happen. tip of the day. that's it for us. check out the forks news factor web site, different from bill o'reilly dot-com. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. here's the word of the day, no maladdiction. no maladdiction. you don't give the maledictory address. thou


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